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JMS 2015 - The most important performance-oriented medico-sports meeting in Canada.

OCTOBER 2 TO 4, 2015, Place bonaventure





For more than 25 years, he has been working for the "Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l'Ile" in relation with student life at the elementary and secondary school levels, namely in extracurricular activities. For a few years now, he has also been involved in the promotion of physical activity for the RSEQ (Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec).

In my capacity as president of the RSEQ and co-president of the JMS (Journées médico-sportives) I wish to invite you to this event.

The RSEQ, which looks after the promotion and the development of sports in the education sector (elementary, secondary, college and university levels), joins the JMS as their purpose and objectives meet the goals and values of our network directly. (Education. Sports. Pride.)

The JMS offer you a series of meetings and networking opportunities along with relevant information about sports performance.

You will also find the latest technology to optimize your sports practice.

Medical experts along with training and fitness specialists will be present to answer your questions and provide some information, guidance and advice to help improve your sports performance or physical condition.

For three days time, all sports science specialists and institutional influencers from the sports world will be gathered in the same location. By doing so, the JMS aim to give the concept of performance a broad, consensus-based and educational sense as well as raise it to the level that is necessary for its full recognition.

And so I am inviting you to this yearly event dedicated to sports enthusiasts who are in search of self-accomplishment and excellence.



He obtained a bachelor's degree from
Université de Genève in physical education along with
a master's in exercise physiology and a doctorate
in exercise science from Université de Montréal. Athlétisme Canada has awarded him the Wittnauer Prize for trainer
of the year in 1995 and 1997.

It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the co-presidency of the JMS. My professional journey as a whole, whether as a doctor in physiology, professor in sports science or trainer for Olympic athletes, has convinced me that today, it is of the utmost importance to offer sports enthusiasts, regardless of their level or ambition, a dynamic platform that puts forwards a complete, updated and intelligent sports offering.

At the JMS, you will have access to new training models in terms of applied sports sciences.

Moreover, you will discover new equipment supplier technologies that the best athletes use to optimize their performance along with technologies that simply support the desired physical effort.

You will also be able to choose the therapeutic aid that is best suited to your sport as many health professionals will be present (physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, dieticians, sports psychologists, etc.).

Since sporting activities offer individual as well as collective benefits, they must be adapted to suit everyone's needs; whether a high-level sportsperson, champion in the making or parents of children who practice leisure or competitive sports. At the JMS, every person will find the right tool for his/her own sports practice.

The JMS puts forward an open and shared view of sports practice. It showcases a vision of sports performance that is adapted to everyone, the discovery of an expertise network, the circulation of the knowledge and experience of sports experts whether they be doctors, therapists, trainers, scientists, technicians, equipment suppliers, institutional partners or sportspeople themselves!

Together, let's develop a sports culture and be proud of our collective aim for performance.

I will see you at Salon Bonaventure from October 2 to 4, 2015.